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This is a short history of the Lariz Family

Why did he do it?

So why did Jose start the process and not complete it and why did Dionisio start again some many years later?

We may never know for sure, but we think that there may have been a land exchange in the family and someone may have called for proof as a way to extract some money from Jose.  It may have stopped because Jose died before it could be completed or maybe the original need was not urgent after all.   As for Dionisio starting again, there are two possible reasons, one Dionisio may have been planning on imigrating to the new world.  This is unlikely as he was already fifty three at that time and that was quit old in those days. Two, and more likely, is that he was planning to obtain more land.  He had six children, five of whom were girls.  He likely wanted more land to help his daughters marry well. It is logically assumed that he needed to prove his "limpieza en sangre" before he could acquire additional land. 


How do we know about all of these things?  The answer is in the painstaking translation work done by Donald T. Garate.  He must have been very passionate indeed to spend the kind of time it must have taken to translate the many pages of old documents required to bring this story to all of us.

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Baserria Lariz

This Lariz farm in the Basque Country was built around 1500.

Nearby is an old graveyard with headstones dating to the 11th century.


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