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This is a short history of the Lariz Family

What went wrong

By the early 1600's it became important for the Basques to protect their sacred right to property ownership.  Vizcainos were traveling abroad and they needed proof of their rights as "puro Vizcainos" pure blodded Vizcainos.  Fraudulent claims were being made both at home and aboard so a system was setup to demonstrate that you were a native Vizcayan by means of documentation.  The first proof of nobility was filled in 1613, but it wasn't until 1758 that a comprehensive regulation Royal Confiration received Royal Confirmation. Here is what the cover page looks like. It has the seal of the king of all of Spain.  The full document is twenty pages long.  This was the law that Dionisio was complying with when he set out to prove his nobility.  Just how much it cost him to produce the necessary documents is impossible to say but for a farmer is was surely excessive.  We do know that Lineage research within Vizcaya cost sixty copper Reales per day.  Once everything was in order the secretary who did the transcribing received one and a half copper Reales for each page of the first copy and thirty-two Maravedis for each page of the second copy.  After it was complete he had to pay twelve copper Reales.  All of this was probably no more than a few dollars but Dionisio no doubt resented having to pay it.  The finished proof of nobility document contained eighteen signatures from various scribes, priests, and dignitaries. The process was actually started in 1759 by Dionisio's older brother Jose, just one year after the new law was passed.  It was not completed at that time and Dionisio started it again in 1772 and it took about a year to complete.

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Dionisio 1720 - ?

Much of the Lariz story told here was taken from a book by Donald T. Garate

Donald T. Garate

entitled Dionisio de Lariz Noble Ancestor subtitled, Being a collection of ancient documents, including a proof of nobility, translated into English with editorial comments.

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